Here’s a list of the tools, services, and resources I use, along with a little description of how I use them and a link in case you wanted to get one yourself.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to organize this, so it’s just in a large list. Hopefully soon I can figure out a way to categorize them in some sort of way.


Pencil Egg, Cushioned Pencil Holder

These little things come in handy after working for a long period of time. I use them on my calligraphy pens and now my new apple pencil for my hand cramps after working for a long time, or just to get a more delicate touch and feel.


EnviroTex Lite Epoxy Resin

his is what i use to resin my work. I’ve found that this one fits my needs and hasn’t given me any trouble with yellowing. I’d also recommend getting some painters tape, latex gloves, plastic scrapers, and some plastic measuring buckets along with this.


6 pack of 18in x 24in Primed Stretched Canvases

This is my usual size of canvas that i use for practice and recreations. I love this canvas is comes pre primed with gesso, so there isn’t any prep, comes ready to paint.


French Style Portable Wood Easel

This little things is awesome. I love using it as a table top easel, and a travel easel that allows me to paint outside. It has storage room so it’s really convenient. This is a definite need for me.


Stencil Acetate Roll

These plastic rolls is what i use to make stencils; along with a soldering iron. I find that it’s easier than cutting, just make sure you wear some type of protection, like a respirator. I just use the same mask i use for spray painting.


Soldering Iron

I use this to easily cut through the stencil acetate, it’s very precise, make sure you use the smallest tip.


MTN 94 Pack

The first pack i splurged on, the paint is like the best quality i’ve used to date. Honestly, I love the way this stuff smells, is that weird?


Montana Gold Pack

Great quality spray paint if you want to get a quick pack of higher quality spray paint for practice or use. I bought a pack and then started adding single colors one by one as needed.


Montana Acrylic Paint Markers

Very useful, very versatile & these are refillable! I use these so often for so many reasons, but hands down the best use for me is when i’m in a pinch and need quick details of a specific color, usually black or white.


Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint

Best acrylic paint i’ve found. I love the color and consistency, very opaque and high flowing.


Liquitex Clear Gesso

This is the gesso i use most of the time. Especially for the pieces on sheet music. It’s the best clear gesso i’ve found, and it was the easiest to find and for a good price.


Earl Lube Pour Fluid Pouring Medium

This is what is use to adhere the sheet music (or any type of sheet or paper) to the canvas for some of my pieces.


Gamblin Artist Oil Colors Set

These are my favorite oil paints. I use these and the Bob Ross brand oil paints, but i’m slowly switching over to mostly Gamblin.


Montana Master Cap Set

Once I started utilizing spray tips, my spray are got on a whole other level. Make sure you get spray caps compatible with your spray cans.


Purdy Corporation Nylon Dale Angle Paint Brush

These are the professional mural brushes i use. If you ever seen me painting clouds on a wall with a brush, it was with these brushes. They are very versatile especially with that chisel tip. I use the 2 inch and 3 inch brushes.


Palomino Blackwing Pencils - 12 Count

These are the sketching pencils i use. I like them because they use a soft graphite so it’s very easy to make different shades and sized marks, and i really like their erasers.


Molotow ONE4ALL Acrylic Paint Marker Set

I love these markers. I like them just as much as the Montana markers, but i usually buy these for the smaller sizes.


GoPro Camera

this is what i use to record most of my action and moving shots for my videos.


DJI Osmo 2 Handheld Stabilizer

This is what i use to record almost everything. It has a great timelapse feature, and the stability control is the best. All my videos started looking way more professional after i started using this.


Cotton Canvas Drop Cloth

definitely need one of these so you don’t make a mess.


Cotton Canvas Drop Cloth

I use this or the blow torch on the resin after it’s poured to get the bubbles out while it’s curing. Also to dry paint mere seconds quicker when you’re in the zone 😂


Blow Torch

I use this or the heat gun on the resin after it’s poured to get the bubbles out while it’s curing.


6 Foot x 30 inch Folding Table

very useful for setting up a little station anywhere. I love painting outside when the weather is nice so it’s ideal for me.



Self-Healing, Double-Sided Cutting Mat

self healing cutting mat, i use this if i want to cut stencils on, i even use it when i use the soldering iron the make stencils, but that’s not it’s intended use. I use one side for cutting, and the other for a surface to use the solder on.

Arches Watercolor Pad, Hot Press 9in X 12in

This paper is great for calligraphy. I make my hand made calligraphy commissions with this and the Canson paper.


Canson Watercolor Pad, 9in X 12in

I use this for professional quality calligraphy commissions. The paper is great when it comes to using calligraphy ink on.


Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens

A great tool for calligraphy. It has a straight nib and is very convenient to use for practice. I learned old english using this pen, it helped a lot. I recommend anyone interested in calligraphy getting one.



Speedball Oblique Pen Set

This is what i use for a more copperplate looking font in calligraphy (similar to 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓈)

I recommend getting one like this for practice and fining yourself a nice one when ready, but definitely buy that one in person.


Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink, 1.0 oz

Great quality calligraphy ink.


Cotton Canvas Drop Cloth

Simple calligraphy markers, perfect for practice, don’t have to worry about refilling the ink.


Calligraphy Practice Paper

Practice paper for calligraphy, has guiding lines, always good to have one of these on deck. At least that’s what i like to do.


Odorless Paint Thinner

Odorless paint thinner for oil painting. ODORLESS. make sure you get ODORLESS


Shop Rags

shop rags for cleaning your hands and whatever else. I bought a pack of a hundred and i still haven’t gone through them. These are very durable.



Pink Soap 12 oz. Brush Cleaner & Conditioner

Brush cleaning soap. Great for cleaning them off and conditioning the bristles on your paint brush.


Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver Tub

Works just like the brush cleaning soap but it’s solid, kinda like hand soap and bar soap i suppose.


Brush Cleaning Tank

This tool is amazing at cleaning your brushes, I just dip it in the brush cleaner tub or use the brush cleaner soap and then wring it out in the tank using the metal spring to clean all of the color off the bristles


Jumbo Stir Sticks

Stir sticks are used for so many things, they’re just needed. I use them for mixing paint, as well as mixing resin and countless other tasks.