honey sweet poison.jpg

Honey Sweet Poison

Spray paint on canvas
3ft x 4ft (91cm x 122cm)


For this piece I used a canvas roll and made myself a makeshift little wall (it wasn’t ideal and that lead me to build my own large easels later) and I started improvising and made the flowers; however, they came out a lot more cartoonish than I had hoped for. Discouraged, I thought it was a failed experiment, and that’s around when the real fun started.

I painted the Medusa head using a portrait of Lana Del Rey as reference material, and I did the details in the snakes with paint markers. The lyric “sweet like sugar venom” by Lana kept playing in my head during the creation of this piece, coincidentally the paint color I used on her skin was called “venom” as well.

I learned that not everything goes as planned, but the end result can still be beautiful, and it’s all about the process.


view process video below