Nastuh Zalmai •miggz

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artist miggz / Nastuh Mikel Zalmai, is a self taught artist, who paints under the moniker “miggz”; a name given to him by loved ones.

Born in America to refugee parents almost immediately after they escaped Afghanistan, he learned to speak English from public access televisions shows like Bob Ross & Mister Rogers, as well as various cartoon VHS tapes; all which sparked his interest in art.

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Miggz developed a broad style through to his adulthood with experience in various mediums and techniques. He sites life, culture, and music as his biggest influences; many times a single line from a song inspiring a whole piece of work; with outer space, skies, calligraphy, cartoon characters, and landscape oil paintings being some of his favorite subject matter.


With art, he aims to inspire others to create, believe in themselves and push for what they love.


“I can only hope it touches people’s emotion in any way, numb their depression, give someone a feeling of solidarity, or make someone smile”


His work can be seen in homes and collections of various friends, family, and art collectors & enthusiasts.


Currently Miggz is searching for the perfect mural canvas around the world.

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